High Blood Pressure - Hypertension - Treatment

High Blood Pressure Treatment

If you fall in the risk group or are diagnosed with hypertension you need to initiate necessary lifestyle modifications.

Lifestyle Modifications

  • Stop smoking
  • Try reducing stress through yoga or meditation
  • Diet Avoid high calorie low fiber food, instead go for whole grains, fruits and vegetables
  • Limit your salt intake Limit the amount of alcohol to 1 to 2 ‘standard’ drinks a day or less.
  • Exercise Be active for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day If you are overweight, losing about 5 kg will lower your blood pressure.


  • Diuretics: They increase the amount of both water and salts removed by the kidneys from your blood. They also widen your arteries.
  • Beta-blockers: They reduce your pulse rate, and this slowing down makes your heart work less hard.
  • ACE Inhibitors: There are certain enzymes which constrict and tighten your arteries, and ACE inhibitors block them.
  • Calcium channel blockers or alpha blockers: This category of drugs helps widen your arteries

Monitoring Blood Pressure

  • Get your blood pressure measured regularly either by a doctor or at home
  • Get your blood sugar, kidney function and cholesterol levels measured at regular intervals

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