Walk for Healthier Babies

If you read my post about how the risks of special educational needs skyrocket with early birth, you’ll understand just how important it is that we do everything we can to bring more pregnancies safely to term.

Learning problems are just one of the many ways that preterm birth can impact a person for a lifetime. In fact, every year in the UK, 3,000 babies die before they reach their first birthday, and prematurity is the single leading cause.

The fight against preterm birth is important. With 1 in 10 babies born in the UK requiring special care at birth because of an early arrival or difficult delivery, and with over 50,000 babies arriving too soon in the UK each year, preterm birth has probably touched your own life in some way. Even if you don’t know a premie, preterm birth really impacts everyone because it consumes tremendous amounts of healthcare resources.

You can help make a difference by signing up to Walk for Tiny Lives now. Walk for Tiny Lives is a series of fundraising walks throughout the UK, sponsored by Action Medical Research, an organization that conducts research on preventing preterm birth.

You can sign up for an existing walk or start your own. Either way, you are working to help moms have healthy pregnancies and healthy babies.



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