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Preventing a Migraine and Avoiding the Triggers

By identifying migraine triggers you will be able to spot the warning signs and therefore control the migraine attack better.  You can quite often abort a migraine attack if you take some form of treatments as soon as you notice the first migraine symptoms and the often accompanying aura.

If a migraine attack starts try to treat it as quickly as possible with a painkiller or your migraine medication.

Many factors are known to trigger a migraine. You need to identify the ones that affect you. Avoiding these factors may help in reducing the frequency and severity of the attacks.

  • Keep a diary for a few weeks to identify trigger points

  • Avoid any food you find brings on an attack. Common dietary triggers of migraine include red wine, cheese (especially matured cheese) and chocolate.

  • Eat regularly, missing a meal can trigger an attack.

  • Follow regular sleep pattern if possible, because changing it may trigger an attack.

  • If stress is a trigger you may find it useful to try relaxation techniques.

Amost 15% of adults experience migraines. If you are a woman, you have about two times higher risk of being affected. This risk increases further if you have a family history of migraines. 

You should see your doctor if:

  • You experience unusual symptoms that are abnormal for you

  • The migraine or headache progressively worsens

  • You e have a headache following a head injury

  • You have fever, a stiff neck, or confusion

  • Coughing, sneezing, bearing down, or straining while on the toilet leads to headache

  • Weakness lasts after the headache has gone

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