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A recent study published in the medical journal JAMA Internal Medicine comes to show that a person is more inclined to change its unhealthy behaviors if their partner did so too.

The interesting fact is that this happens even more than when having a partner that’s always healthy or one that’s always unhealthy. Researchers from the University College London were funded by the US National Institute on Aging and a few UK government departments and the study involved more than 3,000 married couples over the age of 50 from all across the United Kingdom. The unhealthy behaviors that researchers discovered could change included losing a couple of pounds, increasing the level of physical activities and quitting smoking.

And while there were some limitations to the research, such as immeasurable health conditions, the results seem quite plausible – when working together as a team to improve certain aspects of your life such as health it’s more likely to achieve the desired results. Getting your partner involved could help in practical ways as eating the same healthy meals but also as boosting incentive and confidence.  Thus if a person presents some aspects of unhealthy behavior such as unhealthy eating then it’s a big possibility their partner is also following the same habit. But the positive fact is that if one changes this behavior, it’s very likely that the other one does too.

The basic results of the study are as follows

At the beginning:

-          35.5 percent of women and 31.2 percent of men were regularly doing exercise

-          67.6 percent of women and 77.3 percent of men were obese or overweight

-          14.8 percent of women and 13.9 percent of men were smokers

By the time of the next assessment:

-          44 percent of inactive people had become physically active

-          15 percent of overweight persons had lost at least 5 percent of their body weight

-          17 percent of all smokers managed to completely kick the habit

This means that significant others, family members or friends can play a crucial role in helping an individual quit smoking. When people feel that there are supported it’s more likely for them to kick the habit for good. That’s why introducing your life partner to electronic cigarettes and trying to quit smoking as a couple is the smarts thing you could ever do. While, at the beginning this type of thing might seem more practical than romantic – on the long term you are actually letting him or her know you want to live longer together. And because electronic cigarettes are so versatile, you can even start off with a starter kit gift to match your partner’s tastes.

The conclusions of the University College London’s study showed that if their partner stopped using tobacco products, 50 percent of women and almost 48 percent of men managed to do it also, in comparison to only 8 percent doing so if their partner continued smoking.

A good way of helping your significant other quit using tobacco and choosing e-cigarettes for instance is to constantly tell them that they are going to make it this time, despite the failed attempts in the past. Research has showed that a majority of smokers needs to practice quitting before being able to actually kick the habit.

Also, you need to constantly be ready to help in the first weeks of the quitting process. Former smokers find it very difficult in critical moments like after the morning coffee, at a party or after a meal and that’s when you have to keep them busy with long talks and other activities.

If we are talking about a friend, regularly ask to visit him or her and ask them how they are doing, instead of constantly bringing up the topic of smoking.

Forget about preaching and nagging – these are definitely practices that never work. Instead you should focus more on letting them know how proud you are and how everyone is going to admire them for trying to stay off tobacco.

Electronic cigarettes are easy to use and come in different shapes and sizes so it won’t be hard to find a model that works for both. Also the range of flavors is immense especially if you order online and this means you’ll never get bored of the same dull aroma. Slowly vaping will turn more into a hobby and you’ll never crave to light up a tobacco cigarette ever again.

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