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Possible Complications with Eye Lift Surgery

  • Haematoma (blood collection under the skin): this is a risk particularly in the lower lid. If this occurs after the operation you may need to return to the surgery to have the blood removed.

  • Bleeding: if a lot of fat has been removed from the lower eyelids you may get some bleeding under the fine covering of the eyeball itself. A red stain may persist on the outer side of the eyeball for about four to six weeks.

  • Tightness: This may occur at the outer corner of the eye, or the eye may appear rounder than it was before surgery. This is generally caused by post operative swelling and will settle in a couple of weeks.

  • Numbness: there is often some numbness at the base of the lashes for a few weeks so be careful when using eye make=up.

  • Overcorrection: The upper eyelids are often overcorrected for a better long terms result. This can leave the eyes slightly open while you are asleep. If this happens you will be given ointment to prevent the eyes from becoming dry or irritated.

  • Ecropian: If too much skin is removed from the lower lids, the margin of the eyelid is pulled down, exposing the white of the eye below the iris. Permanent pull down of the lid may be caused by excessive skin excision or deep scarring. Ecropian usually corrects itself with time.


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