The Herbal Treatment of Recurrent Cystitis

Recurrent Cystitis is a very painful and unpleasant condition suffered by an ever increasing number of women. Deborah Grant Herbal MedicineMany women do the rounds of GPs and urologists and have been given a huge amount of antibiotics with no success whatsoever.

It seems that this overuse of antibiotics has predisposed them to the very condition that they were meant to treat.

Some patients have even been told by their doctor to take an antibiotic as a prophylactic (prevention) before having sex. Now if a woman is having sex, say, two or three times a week, that amounts to a shocking amount of antibiotic drugs in a year – and that’s apart from numerous courses of antibiotics she may have already been prescribed in the unsuccessful treatment of her recurrent cystitis. This vicious cycle must be broken and the body strengthened so that the patient can be weaned off this ineffective and damaging antibiotic treatment.

Many women say that they feel let down by the NHS. Women should not have to go to private healthcare to have their cystitis treated. If circumstances do not allow a woman to have private healthcare, she is left to suffer. This is not acceptable.  A woman should not be in a position, where she has to give up sex in case it triggers cystitis. She should not always get an attack of cystitis simply because she has a stressful situation in her life. She should not have to worry about where the nearest bathroom is. A woman’s life should be so much better than that.

Antibiotics should be avoided unless there is a real threat of the infection backing up into the kidneys. The very best way forward is prevention and many patients, who have had recurrent bacterial cystitis, are now firmly in charge of their health and the cystitis has stopped.

The treatment should be undertaken for a minimum of six months. Most women notice a difference early on but the treatment should not be stopped. Remember that it has taken your body many months or years to reach the condition it is in so it goes without saying that it will take quite some time to recover completely. Some women continue the treatment to a lesser extent for maintenance.

Prescriptions are tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs. For patients, who live a long way from London,  follow-up consultations can be by telephone after the initial consultation. Read a few of the testimonials here.

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